How 5G Will Affect Online Marketing in 2020

5G is all set to bring in the execution of a major full-scale communication network that will boost online marketing throughout the world. Its potential to make real time, data-driven marketing a reality has made every advertiser excited and why shouldn’t they be?

This is the dawn of a new age of Internet connectivity that will allow marketers to execute online marketing strategies that earlier seemed impossible. In this post, we will discuss what 5G really is and how it is going to impact the world of online advertising.

What is 5G?

5G stands for fifth-generation cellular wireless network. This wireless network technology promises to provide better Internet connectivity than all previous generations. It is essentially a cloud-based network amplified by 5G cellular towers that do not require physical connections.

Top Impacts of 5G on Online Marketing

Here are the five most important reasons why online advertisers must pay attention to all 5G developments happening across the globe. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Will Boost Mobile eCommerce

This is a no brainer. More and more people are using their smartphones to do shopping online. Talking about the United States, the country recorded 39.6% mobile eCommerce sales in 2018. Online users are still facing a number of issues while shopping online, of which speed is the most common. With 5G, online users will enjoy zero latency which companies can also leverage to encourage real-time customer marketing interactions.

2. Accurate Targeting and Optimum Personalization

Improved Internet speeds and a wider wireless connectivity will allow advertisers to collect hyperlocal and high-quality data sets about their customers. This will lead them to create more personalized and highly targeted marketing strategies for their customers. The possibility of hyper-personalized customer experience is not a distant dream anymore.

3. Video Advertising Will Gain Popularity

Video advertising was already a huge success across the globe and with 5G technology, advertisers have a huge opportunity to dramatically leverage the expected increase in video consumption. Relevant video ads are going to be watched more. Also, marketers have an opportunity to create videos for specific audience segments and couple their video marketing strategies with real-time analytics.

4. Successful Implementation of AR and VR

One of the most challenging parts of launching an AR or VR-based customer experience is the latency in data response. Although there was a significant improvement noticed in system capacities, the lack of speed did not help to provide a seamless AR and VR experience. With 5G, marketers will be able to come up with more AR and VR-based marketing strategies, only this time with more confidence.

Proper Planning and Anticipation is Recommended

There you have it. We have discussed some of the most important reasons why advertisers should look forward to 5G. To be prepared for this marketing shift brought by 5G, we highly recommend proper planning and strategic execution. This is a perfect opportunity to use technology to reach your audience in a more effective manner. Want to make the most of this opportunity? Agenda Marketing will help you do that. Our expertise in online marketing can make your business growth shoot through the roof!