How Joe Biden’s Presidency Could Impact Brand Marketing?

It was a historical U.S. presidential election. Joe Biden is in and his administration is all set to make America what it’s best known for - bring people together. The victory speech said it all. The major focus of Biden’s term will be on rebuilding the country and ensuring peace throughout. But, what’s there for the brands looking to get back to business? It’s crucial for brands to understand the impacts Biden’s election would have on marketing.

Four Ways Joe Biden’s Presidency Could Impact Brand Marketing

  1. Call for Unity


Unity is the utmost priority. There is no lack of an appetite for healing messages. Brands should be looking to leverage this time to bring the highly divided American customer base together. As the mood remains sour and fault lines widened, it will be important for brands to use messages that do not hurt the sentiments but call for unity. This might take time, but brands should be focusing on effective marketing, followed by actions.

  • Design Flexible Campaigns


Brands will also have to ensure there is enough flexibility in their marketing campaigns since there certainly will be changes that’ll be made to legislations like data privacy, climate change, antitrust action, and net neutrality. Cause-driven marketing will be back in the mainstream and brands will be able to have a conversation on key progressive issues. Although these issues were in trend prior to Trump’s election, the lack of administrative will-power prevented brands from chiming in on them.

  • Introduction of Normalcy


Biden’s administration will also help brands introduce normalcy in the market. It will take a few weeks to bring the lost calm back, but it will happen. The confusion spread in the masses made it harder for brands to tackle the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Brands will be able to ramp up media spending and cash-in in the holiday season.

  • Expect the Backlash


Lastly, brands should expect consumer backlash at their marketing campaigns designed to bring people together. That will happen. It is important for them to avoid the minefields and any kind of aberrations that could possibly hurt the audience and taint the brand’s image.

Final Thoughts

Brands will have to put in double the effort they were used to since they want the audience attention back for all the right reasons. Gaining the audience’s trust will be an uphill task that almost every brand will have to gear up for. The upcoming three to four months are going to be exciting for the marketing world. Want to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing news? Subscribe to our blog today!