How to Get Leads on Facebook and Google Through Ads For Your Business?

We get it. It’s quite difficult to pick one advertising platform when you know both of them will help you get more business. That’s the situation with Facebook and Google Ads. However, there’s always a mid-way out of the problem, which we are going to share in this post.

We know that Google and Facebook dominate the industry especially when it comes to generating high-quality leads for businesses across all verticals. Considering the current reach on both platforms - 2.4 billion monthly active users on Facebook and over 1 billion on Google - allocating your marketing budget can be a huge challenge to overcome.

So, what should be your marketing strategy when it comes to generating leads on Facebook and Google through ads for your business? Let’s find out.

Strategies to Generate Leads Through Facebook and Google Ads in 2020

Here are the marketing strategies you can use to apply both Facebook and Google Ads for your business and get interesting results.

  • Focus on Brand Building on Facebook and Generate Leads Through Google

There’s no doubt how significantly effective Facebook is in boosting brand awareness. If you end up targeting the right people on Facebook and showcase your products and services correctly, the audience will eventually begin searching about your brand on Google - of course, to get more information.

But, how’s that possible? Well, the people you are targeting on Facebook already have some interest in the kind of offers you are promoting. However, they don’t know about your brand just yet. This curiosity will lead them to Google and make branded Google searches.

Using branded words in your Google Ads will take care of them when they land on the search engine. This is a perfect strategy to take the cold audience from Facebook and warm it up on Google. You may even close the deal on Google if they end up liking what they find about your brand.

  • Input Google Ads Data on Facebook to Refine Your Facebook Audience

While Facebook Pixels will help you get great insights into your target audience, you can add more oomph to it by coupling it with Google Ads data.

Broaden your reach by using Google Ads data points like gender, household income, time of engagement, retargeting audiences, and more to improve your targeting abilities on Facebook.

This is a perfect way to add more dimensions to your target audience on Facebook apart from the usual user behavior and interests.

  • Input Facebook Data on Google to Refine Your Google Ads Targeting

Reverse the strategy and it still makes your marketing effective. Meaning, you can use Facebook data to get better targeting opportunities on Google Ads.

You can do that by using Facebook’s lookalike audience feature, which is one of the most popular types of audience for Facebook advertisers. It gives them the power to broaden their reach using an existing ideal customer list/source.

You will want to use the data from both these advertising platforms interchangeably. This will result in an audience overlap which will, with time, help you advertise against an ultra-refined audience.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Facebook and Google Ads are two heavyweights of the online advertising ecosystem. While you might think focusing on one platform is the way to go, the smarter way to generate a highly qualified audience is to use both the platforms in tandem. Want to know more about using Google Ads and Facebook Ads together? Connect with our digital marketing experts at Agenda Marketing today!