What is Ad Fatigue? How to Diagnose and Cure it?

Ad fatigue is the term marketers use when the audience gets too familiar with an ad. When an audience has seen your ads often, they stop getting attracted to it, and the ad’s ability to retain an audience reduces. Consequently, the campaigns tend to become less effective and fail to move potential customers through your sales funnel. The campaigns, since over-served, fail to convert customers. This is disastrous for your overall marketing campaign and budget.

How to Diagnose Ad Fatigue?

In order to diagnose ad fatigue, you can check for some common symptoms an ad campaign might be experiencing. If you are not sure how to detect ad fatigue in your campaigns, here’s what you should be checking.

  • Click-Through-Rates

CTR is the most crucial metric that one should be monitoring to encounter ad fatigue. A drop in CTR shows that the ad’s ability to compel the audience is decreasing and the audience is getting bored big time. They won’t engage with the ads anymore.

  • Engagement

It’s important that you keep the number of people interacting with your social media page and posts in check. Monitoring the number will give you an idea of whether or not people are showing interest in what you have to offer. Check the number of comments and shares. A low number shows that people no longer feel connected and engaged and have lost all motivation to interact.

  • Impressions

Check for impressions. If you try to learn about social media algorithms, you will see that they have been designed in a way that makes the most relevant content go on top of a news feed. This makes the post’s impression high. If your ad’s impressions are going down, then it won’t be shown to more people. This is applicable to both organic and paid posts.

Ways to Curb Ad Fatigue

There are several ways you can curb ad fatigue and ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Here are some of the best ways to cure ad fatigue.

  • Mix it Up

Change background colors, images, text, and other visual elements if the ad begins to show symptoms of fatigue. A simple change in background color can give the ad a new feel.

  • Run Multiple Ads

Run multiple ads as a strategy to diversify your investments. However, ensure a clear plan for all the campaigns and keep track of them. Create multiple ads and keep rotating them.

  • Apply Ad Customizers

Ad customizers make it easier for marketers to boost conversions and ensure the all-around freshness of the campaigns. These tools can help you update your ads with content and visuals.

Final Thoughts

Ad fatigue is nothing to worry about. If you are able to monitor your campaigns and identify what exactly is going wrong with them, you can prevent any loss in campaign performance. With the above information, you will be able to effectively get rid of the symptoms of ad fatigue and get the best ROI.