Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing services helps grow your business.


  • More Followers: Growing your followers on social media increases referrals, word of mouth and social proof.


  • More Engagement: Engagement is the best way to build relationships with your audience.


  • More Traffic: More traffic to your website means increased leads and sales opportunities.

How It Works

Now that you know what it is and why you need it, here's how it works when you hire us.

  • Step #1.  Kick off call with your account manager.  During this call we'll get to know your business and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.​

  • Step #2.  Decide what social platforms are best for your business (if you don't have any, we'll set them up for you).  We'll also go through each platform and update all your visuals to give you a more concise branded look.​

  • Step #3.  Our research & strategy phase. This is where we will begin to answer certain questions like; Who are you targeting? What have you been posting? What questions do your customers have? What content do they like? What inspires them, makes them laugh, and educates them?

  • Step #4.  The fun begins! This is when we'll start posting content.  Because it is full service management, we'll also monitor and respond to comments, messages, etc. on a daily basis.​

  • Step #5.  Over time, we will adjust your content (if needed) to fit your business/brand voice.​

  • Step #6.  Review data and do more of what’s working and less of what’s not moving forward.